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About Us

Put simply, the steel bridge competition allows members of a team design a steel bridge and compete against other schools. The American Society of Civil Engineers sponsors this event and it is required that those looking to participate at Washington State University have a membership with ASCE. Contacting the steel bridge captain or other ASCE officer is the best way to sign up for a membership.

By joining the Steel Bridge team, students benefit from the experience of designing and fabricating the entire bridge. As future civil engineers, this experience is invaluable in preparation for a career and is a great resume builder. Students are encouraged to become involved with the team whether it be in the administrative, design, or fabrication fields. And of course, it's fun!

The rules for the competition change slightly year to year. To find the current rules please visit the national website. Top scoring teams from the regional competition are inviting to compete in the national competition. Scoring involves different categories including, display, construction speed, construction economy, lightness, stiffness and structural efficiency. A score is associated with each category and the team with the overall highest score wins the competition.



Benefits for Student Who join

  • Students get hands on knowledge of how to research design and construct a steel bridge out of raw materials .
  • Students will meet upper classman and create a strong bond between then and the civil engineering community.
  • If students chose to get really evolved they will meet a lot of professors and develop relationship that extend out side the classroom setting.

Past Awards

  • 1st Place Stiffness (2016)
  • 1st Place Weight (2016)
  • 1st Place Structural Efficiency (2016)