American Society of Civil Engineering


Current Members

Manpreet Bhandal

Kellie Bracht

Madison Broers

Logan Bryan

Dane Camenzind

Aubrey Canfield

Clayton Cline

Chris Collins

Damien DeRego

Joshua Ewing

Todd Freeman

Aaron Friese

Derek Grein

George Keizer

Colin Lambie

Robert Long

Joseph Malloy

Devin Marcy

Josh Meador

Francisco Mendozza

Zashary Orengo

Troy Patterson

Nick Pellerin

Ron Ramones

Victor Schlonga

Ellie Simpson

Tyler Stavnes

Cassandra Steffen

John Stevens

James Sullins

Casey Torres

Anna Vandermeer

Cody Wuestney

Congyi Zhang




Join Now

To join ASCE, stop by the ASCE office at Sloan 171. We give several benefits, and offer oportunites such as joing the Steel Bridge or Concrete Canoe Teams. Membership costs $20. Any officer can help you register, office hours are posted on the ASCE Officers page.