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About Us

The concrete canoe team involves a team of students designing a canoe made entirely out of concrete … Yes you heard that right! Teams will create both the concrete mix and the canoe hull. This competition is sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Those looking to join here at Washington State University must have a current ASCE membership. For more information, please contact the concrete canoe captain, or another ASCE officer.

Though most people will not be required to design a concrete canoe in a professional setting, the lessons and knowledge gained through this competition will carry over to other aspects of engineering. Civil engineers are required to gain a wide knowledge of many engineering disciplines, so the design process and being part of a team will prove invaluable. Students that get involved with this club will build great relationships with peers as well as professors. Looks good on a resume as well!

Similar to steel bridge, the rules for the concrete canoe regional and national competitions change every year. For current rules and regulations please click here. Scoring in the competitions involves scoring in individual categories and the highest overall score wins the competition.



Benefits for Student Who join

  • Students get hands on knowledge of how to research design and construct a canoe made entirely of concrete .
  • Students will meet upper classman and create a strong bond between then and the civil engineering community.
  • If students chose to get really evolved they will meet a lot of professors and develop relationship that extend out side the classroom setting.

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